Innovative approach

Masterfast is a reliable distributor of pharmaceuticals and has been working on the Russian market for more than 10 years.

We stick to the proper standards of distribution, we specialise in supplying anticancer pharmaceuticals and provide a full range of related services.

We invest in life. We follow the trends in the sphere of cutting edge technologies and invest in various researches in order to advance healthcare system.


According to the results of the comprehensive rating of pharmaceuticals in 2021, "Farmster" was ranked 8th as one of the leading companies in drug turnover at the federal level.
Pharmstore is top-ranked to be the third among the Russian distributors specialising in the supply of anticancer pharmaceuticals and it holds this position for years. The company is acknowledged to be a reliable and responsible supplier with many years of experience behind its back.


We implement fast and promising solutions and supply advanced pharmaceuticals to Russian medical institutions and patients in need.